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Top producer now on top of automated logistics.

Gyermelyi's new warehouse system surpasses expectations.

Gyermelyi AG needed a new warehouse that would keep up with expanded production and also fit into existing systems. Jungheinrich’s Cantilever racking combined with AGV ERC stackers and tailor-made systems ensure seamless integration into Gyermelyi's existing fully-automated logistics.


  • Better storage systems needed due to production outstripping current storage capacity.
  • Smooth integration into existing transport systems was required.
  • Suitable fully-automated stackers were needed.
  • New systems had to be compatible with WMS.
  • A reliable automated connection between all three warehouses needed to be established.


  • Cantilever high-rack storage system installed.
  • Connection created between new warehouse and existing transport.
  • 8 Automated Guided ERC Stackers delivered with lithium-ion battery technology.
  • AGVs linked to existing ERP system via the Jungheinrich Logistics Interface.
  • New Logistics Interface integrated, allowing automated processes throughout.


  • Maximum storage capacity levels achieved.
  • Uninterrupted delivery and removal of goods.
  • Continuous automated warehouse stacking.
  • Unified Warehouse Management System.
  • All operations automated and continuous.

GYERMELYI AG in a nutshell:

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